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Sue Rochfort

Sue Rochfort is no stranger to the Antique Jewelry and Estate community. She has been a collector her whole life. She was the host of “The Antique Lady” a weekly call in  radio show on WNDB. In coordination with Daytona Beach College she held seminars focusing on antiques collecting and preservation. This show was an actual tour of hundreds of antiques and collectibles. As the past president of the Halifax Historical Society and  consultant to many Museums she has spent most of her life evaluating and appraising estates for families and their heirs.


Her personal collection consist of Victorian Women’s Clothing, Estate Jewelry, Fine  China, Porcelains, Pottery, Lamps, Glass, Figurines, Bronzes, Marble Carvings, Vintage Stain Glass, Ivory, Tapestries, Fashion Accessories, Orientals, Kitchenware, Furniture, and preserved heirlooms that will be treasured forever.


She has been, for the past 10 years, a celebrity host on Gem Shopping Network “Treasures with Sue”.  Her show has a unique appeal to her viewers. She offers estate jewelry, antiques, fine art, and collectibles. Visit Sue’s Online Store.


In the near future her new cooking show called Complements – Compliments, produced in Fitzgerald Georgia, will soon air . Inspired by family traditions and estate cooking implements, she will bring to her audience a variety of cooking recipes and dishes that will always complement / compliment each other. Her recipes will introduce new combinations of ingredients which will keep her audience intrigued and at the same time educating her viewers about the origin and traditions of  treasured recipes. Recipes will vary from Desserts, Breads, Muffins, and Side Dishes to Relishes, Chutneys, Sauces, Marinades. All recipes will feature products home grown and produced in Georgia.

Preserving the Past